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  • Hinged Plastic Box - UNIBOX

    Hinged Plastic Box - UNIBOX:
    The square or rectangular plastic boxes UNIBOX are widely used in the industrial world. Their outstanding robustness enables the safe transport or packing off all types of products.  The hinged closing is achieved by simple pressure and...

    Starting at: €0.17

  • Transparent packaging box

    Transparent packaging box:
    Transparent packaging box

    Starting at: €13.68

  • Polystyrene crystal storage boxes

    Polystyrene crystal storage boxes:
    Polystyrene crystal storage boxes

    Starting at: €0.12

  • Dental Appliance Cases

    Dental Appliance Cases:
    Dental Appliance Cases

    Starting at: €0.90

  • Dental plastic storage trays

    Dental plastic storage trays :
    Dental plastic storage trays 7 different colours : red, green, yellow, white, blue, back and orange 2 different sizes Nestable to half the height Made in high impact polystyrene material

    Starting at: €16.44

  • Baby tooth boxes

    Baby tooth boxes:
    Baby tooth boxes

    Starting at: €0.91

6 Item(s)

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