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  • Stackable plastic crate Allibert - Polypropylene

    Stackable plastic crate Allibert - Polypropylene :
    Stackable plastic crate Allibert Fruit and vegetable crates, ideal for use in the food processing industry. Polypropylene material Stackable crate Available in red and brown Model with open handles

    Starting at: €9.85

  • Stackable plastic crate Allibert

    Stackable plastic crate Allibert:
    Stackable plastic crate Allibert Two-tone crates depending on model 50% to 75% nesting ratio to gain place when empty and during transportation Solid or ventilated sides depending on the model Ergonomic handles for easy handling HDPE...

    Starting at: €14.24

  • Pallet Box (HDPE)

    Pallet Box (HDPE):
    Pallet Box (HDPE) 2 models available Excellent resistance to chemicals, shocks and temperature variations Ideal for storing products or foodstuffs  

    Starting at: €66.07

  • Bac pliable effet bois

    Bac pliable effet bois:
    Bac pliable effet bois Pliable et empilable pour optimiser l’espace lors du transport et du stockage Écologique et complètement recyclable Polymère facile à nettoyer, résistant à...

    Starting at: €9.75

  • Caisse de rangement à lattes en pin massif

    Caisse de rangement à lattes en pin massif:
    Caisse de rangement à lattes en pin massif Pin massif certifié PEFC Caisse superposable Caisse prête à peindre ou à vernir Livrée en kit à monter Épaisseur : 10 mm

    Starting at: €11.33

  • Agricultural Crates - Black

    Agricultural Crates - Black:
    Agricultural Crates - Black With a range of over 135 references, Multiroir’s agricultural crates are ideal for the storage and transportation of food products. Polypropylene material Food quality Ventilated sides Limit  humidity...

    Starting at: €5.97

  • Solid Euro containers

    Solid Euro containers :
    Solid Euro containers Multiroir offers a complete range of solid Euro containers for professionals. The Euro container is compatible with all containers meeting European Standards and in particular with Euro pallets. Multiroir’s Euro...

    Starting at: €0.88

  • Ventilated plastic harvest crates

    Ventilated plastic harvest crates:
    This ventilated plastic harvest crate is made from polypropylene. Food contact quality 50 available references 10 different models 5 colors available (blue, green, red, grey and black) Resistant to high temperature variations Solid and...

    Starting at: €0.32

  • Plastic food crate

    Plastic food crate:
    Plastic food crate

    Starting at: €1.84

  • Agricultural Crates - Red

    Agricultural Crates - Red:
    This crate is one of most used by farmers thanks to its high resistance to moisture and mold. It’s available in various sizes. Made of high quality polypropylene. Get the EUROSTANDARD. Color: Red. Minimum order: 1 pallet per color...

    Starting at: €5.97

  • Ventilated Pallet Container

    Ventilated Pallet Container:
    Manufactured in high density polyethylene, our ventilated pallet container features a robust structure ensuring a strong resistance to scratches and shocks. With its open sides, the container guarantees an excellent ventilation and conservation of...

    Starting at: €57.12

  • Ventilated Euro containers

    Ventilated Euro containers:
    Ventilated Euro containers  The Ventilated Euro container is compatible with all containers meeting European Standards and in particular with Euro pallets. Manufactured in heavy duty polypropylene this ventilated storage container is...

    Starting at: €5.52

  • Pallet container with opening flaps

    Pallet container with opening flaps:
    Pallet container with 4 opening flaps

    Starting at: €57.12

  • Folding ventilated pallet container

    Folding ventilated pallet container :
    The folding ventilated pallet container, also known as the « Folding Big-Box » or the « Folding Pal-Box » is made in high density polyethylene material which makes it extremely robust.   The...

    Starting at: €57.12

  • Solid plastic pallet container

    Solid plastic pallet container :
    Our solid plastic pallet container is made from high density polyethylene, a very resistant robust material. The smoothness of both the insides and outsides make cleaning easy. This range is ideal for storage and transportation.  Their...

    Starting at: €57.12

  • Fruit and Vegetable Crates - Grey

    Fruit and Vegetable Crates - Grey:
    Fruit and Vegetable Crates - Grey This grey crate for fruit and vegetables is manufactured in high resistance polypropylene. It is available with ventilated sides or solid sides and can be equipped with a plastic lid for maximum protection....

    Starting at: €5.97

  • Agricultural Crates - Green

    Agricultural Crates - Green:
    Agricultural Crates - Green

    Starting at: €5.97

  • Agricultural Crates - Blue

    Agricultural Crates - Blue:
    Agricultural Crates - Blue

    Starting at: €5.97

  • Stackable and nest plastic crate

    Stackable and nest plastic crate:
    Our stackable and nest plastic crate will cater for all of your transporting foodstuffs needs. Made from high-strength polypropylene Available in grey, black, red, green or blue colour Food contact quality & Euro norm plastic

    Starting at: €6.89

19 Item(s)

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