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  • MAXCRUSH « E200s » Automatic Pill Crusher

    MAXCRUSH « E200s » Automatic Pill Crusher :
    MAXCRUSH « E200s » Automatic Pill Crusher  Allows to obtain a fine powder effortlessly. Does not require gesture or micro traumatic posture because it is enough to press the button. Use a pouch which avoids the...

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  • M-Crush Manual pill Crusher

    M-Crush Manual pill Crusher:
    M-CRUSH manual pill crusherThe M-CRUSH allows to crush effectively tablets by limiting at the most the risks of MSDs. (Musculo-skeletal disorders) of the medical staff. Crushing is quiet and fast Crushing is ergonomic. Just place the palm of...

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  • Stainless steel cart

    Stainless steel cart:
    Stainless steel cart

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  • Resin Carts

    Resin Carts:
    Carts with a stainless steel structure and a  HPL resin work surface highly resistant to shocks and chemical products. Ideal for use in medical, laboratory or food processing areas. .Monobloc structure in stainless steel 25mm dia. tube 4...

    Starting at: €417.79

  • Pill Box - ONE DAY BOX

    Pill Box - ONE DAY BOX:
    Pill Box - ONE DAY BOX

    Starting at: €3.66

  • Epoxy Serum Holders

    Epoxy Serum Holders:
    Epoxy Serum Holders

    Starting at: €55.50

  • Stainless steel serum holders

    Stainless steel serum holders:
    Stainless steel serum holders

    Starting at: €55.50

  • Monobloc stainless steel cart

    Monobloc stainless steel cart:
    The monobloc stainless steel cart is manufactured with greatest care, making it of irreproachable quality. The choice of material meets the most demanding requirements.  Argon arc welding is used to ensure robustness and...

    Starting at: €306.65

  • Dismountable stainless steel cart

    Dismountable stainless steel cart :
    Lightweight, resistant stainless steel cart Delivered disassembled Very robust and solid once asembled 4 angle stops Maximum load: 250 kg per cart and 80 kg per level Average assembly time : 10 minutes

    Starting at: €442.75

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