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  • Multiroir TBS

    Multiroir TBS:
    The Multiroir TBS series proposes 4 models with a capacity ranging from 1200 cm3 to 7700 cm3.  As all Multiroir, the TBS series are connectable by dovetail on all sides.All the models of the TBS series have the same size grooves are can...

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  • Multiroir VISION

    Multiroir VISION:
    The Multiroir VISION series is a range of drawer cabinets offering 10 different size models. As each drawer can be combined on all 4 sides, drawer cabinets can be assembled into perfectly stable units. Dark grey frame Transparent drawers 10...

    Starting at: €12.10

  • Crystal Multiroir

    Crystal Multiroir:
    Multiroir cristal is a range of high quality transparent drawer-bins which can form high quality sets and save a lot of space. In this range, 5 standard models are available from 1.9 L to 30L. Each model is equipped with an anti-fall stop and a...

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  • Crystal Multiroir M5000

    Crystal Multiroir M5000:
    As all the models of our range Multiroir crystal, the new M5000 drawer is perfectly modular and combinable. It is provided with a capacity of 5 liters. Made of polycarbonate, the M5000 combines perfect transparency, high impact resistance and the...

    Starting at: €1.39

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