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  • Plastic container - MULTIBOX

    Plastic container - MULTIBOX :
    MULTIBOX are strong, transparent plastic containers that can be used to package, store and transport a wide variety of products including foodstuffs. They are available in transparent virgin polypropylene which is food grade. Also, they are...

    Starting at: €1.16


    BASICBOX The Basic box series is a great and solid storage solution for all products and foodstuffs. The basic Boxes are easily stacked and the clear design gives a perfect overview of the boxes contents. The range comes in 6 sizes from 1.7 L...

    Starting at: €2.25

  • Boîte de rangement PROBOX

    Boîte de rangement PROBOX:
    Boîte de rangement PROBOX Résiste aux variations de température  Empilable et emboîtable  Insensibles aux chocs  Poignées ergonomiques qui facilitent le transport  Adapté au stockage...

    Starting at: €4.20

  • Conteneurs isotherm EPP

    Conteneurs isotherm EPP:
    Conteneurs isotherme EPP Au format GN 1/1 Légers et très robustes car fabriqués en polypropylène expansé (EPP) Poignées ergonomiques pour faciliter le transport Absorption des saveurs et des...

    Starting at: €52.06

  • Boîte plastique - UTILITY BOX

    Boîte plastique - UTILITY BOX:
    Boîte plastique - UTILITY BOX Qualité alimentaire Couvercles souples et flexibles 9 tailles (5 rondes et 4 carrées) Surface "antidérapante" adaptée au congélateur et au...

    Starting at: €1.08

  • Food Containers - Food Box

    Food Containers - Food Box:
    The plastic food containers of the FOODBOX series are particularly suited to food products, but can also be useful to all other sectors of activity and uses. These food boxes are made of translucent material.  They are totally airtight and...

    Starting at: €0.27

  • Airtight Food Containers

    Airtight Food Containers:
    The Multiroir airtight food containers are perfect for storing and preserving food products.These containers, manufactured to Gastronorm standards, are for both liquid and solid products. Made in translucent polypropylene Food...

    Starting at: €2.11

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Food box