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Polypropylene plastic box

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  • Polypropylene plastic box

    Polypropylene plastic box:
    The polypropylene plastic boxes perfectly combine transparency, lightness, shock resistance and variations in temperature. They are perfectly suited to packaging products which have transportation and packing constraints. Polypropylene...

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  • Plastic Storage Box - LIGHT BOX

    Plastic Storage Box - LIGHT BOX:
    Multiroir invites you to discover its range of plastic polypropylene storage boxes: the LIGHT BOX range. These storage boxes are perfectly suited to the storage and organisation of differently sized products. The contents can be easily identified...

    Starting at: €2.05

  • Polypropylene Consumer Box

    Polypropylene Consumer Box:
    The CONSUMER BOX series of polypropylene boxes are suitable for the organisation, storage, presentation, and transportation of any product. It is a multi-use box, very resistant to shocks with a translucent lid allowing safe transport and an...

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  • Plastic Jars (With Secure Screw)

    Plastic Jars (With Secure Screw):
    Plastic Jars (With Secure Screw) Suitable for "food contact" Waterproof Stackable

    Starting at: €3.36

  • Malles de rangement en plastique

    Malles de rangement en plastique:
    Malles de rangement en plastique Coloris principal : noir Matière : Polypropylène Volume : 60 à 170 litres

    Starting at: €20.07

  • Boîte de rangement PROBOX

    Boîte de rangement PROBOX:
    Boîte de rangement PROBOX Résiste aux variations de température  Empilable et emboîtable  Insensibles aux chocs  Poignées ergonomiques qui facilitent le transport  Adapté au stockage...

    Starting at: €4.50

  • Plastic container - MULTIBOX

    Plastic container - MULTIBOX :
    MULTIBOX are strong, transparent plastic containers that can be used to package, store and transport a wide variety of products including foodstuffs. They are available in transparent virgin polypropylene which is food grade. Also, they are...

    Starting at: €1.76

  • Polypropylene Storage Cups with Lids

    Polypropylene Storage Cups with Lids:
    The 5 models of polypropylene storage cups are manufactured in polypropylene. Very practical, each model is fitted with an airtight lid, thereby securing the products inside the cups. The plastic cups are therefore ideal for transporting your...

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  • Hinged Plastic Box - UNIBOX

    Hinged Plastic Box - UNIBOX:
    The square or rectangular plastic boxes UNIBOX are widely used in the industrial world. Their outstanding robustness enables the safe transport or packing off all types of products.  The hinged closing is achieved by simple pressure and...

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  • Trays and Boxes PURE BOX

    Trays and Boxes PURE BOX:
    The PURE BOX trays and boxes are manufactured in polypropylene, a material which makes them highly resistant to shocks. They are ideal for organizing small items and the transparency of the material makes identification easy. The PURE BOX trays...

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  • Plastic cups 30ml G41

    Plastic cups 30ml G41:
    Plastic cups 30ml G41

    Starting at: €0.04

  • Large plastic cups 30ml G32

    Large plastic cups 30ml G32:
    Large plastic cups 30ml G32

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  • Round box with hinged lid

    Round box with hinged lid:
    Round box with hinged lid

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Polypropylene plastic box