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  • Plastic container for transport - ECO SERIE

    Plastic container for transport - ECO SERIE :
    Plastic container for transport - ECO SERIE

    Starting at: €5.96

  • Attached crocodile lid container

    Attached crocodile lid container :
    Attached crocodile lid container Crocodile lid Lid made of impact-resistant plastic Can be stacked inside and on top of each other Space-saving when transported empty Ergonomic handly for more security

    Starting at: €6.85

  • Plastic container - MULTIBOX

    Plastic container - MULTIBOX :
    MULTIBOX are strong, transparent plastic containers that can be used to package, store and transport a wide variety of products including foodstuffs. They are available in transparent virgin polypropylene which is food grade. Also, they are...

    Starting at: €1.71

  • Boîte de rangement PROBOX

    Boîte de rangement PROBOX:
    Boîte de rangement PROBOX Résiste aux variations de température  Empilable et emboîtable  Insensibles aux chocs  Poignées ergonomiques qui facilitent le transport  Adapté au stockage...

    Starting at: €4.38

  • Plastic storage box - TOPBOX

    Plastic storage box - TOPBOX:
    Plastic storage box - TOPBOX The TOPBOX series of plastic storage boxes offers many advantages for plastic storage and transport of all kinds of products. Manufactured in highly shock resistant material, they are light weight, transparent and...

    Starting at: €2.01

  • Hermetic plastic containers

    Hermetic plastic containers:
    Hermetic plastic containers

    Starting at: €20.89

  • Attached Lid Containers

    Attached Lid Containers:
    The Multiroir attached lid containers offer optimal protection for goods and an excellent quality/price ratio Containers made in heavy duty polypropylene, offering a high shock resistance Optimal protection of transported goods All attached...

    Starting at: €7.18

  • Unlidded Reusable Boxes

    Unlidded Reusable Boxes :
    Stackable/nestable transport boxes Optimal protection from dirt Secure handling Sealing on option 75% space saving when empty Ergonomic pre-formed handles Excellent quality/price ratio

    Starting at: €1.82

  • Foldable Crate with active lock system

    Foldable Crate with active lock system:
    Multiroir’s new plastic foldable crate with active lock system for fast, easy and safe operation.  This plastic folding container offer a huge volume reduction when collapsed. It is extremely robust, lightweight and very easy to...

    Starting at: €7.70

9 Item(s)

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Storage and transport bins with Multiroir: find all our euronorm standardized bins for space-efficient storage...